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Sustainable Design made in NRW

On the national level, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is not only among the top design states in Germany, but a large proportion of designers who have a special focus on sustainability work and/or have received their training right here in NRW. We will be telling their story starting on November 2nd in our “NRW Special”.

The ökoRAUSCH think tank’s NRW Special will be presenting select designers, academies, scientists and companies in a number of profiles, home stories, reports and specialist articles. We will be creating a pool of multidisciplinary relevance that will serve to enrich the work of other creative thinkers, companies, industries, science, as well as environmental and social institutions. These uplifting reports will help increase sustainability awareness within NRW’s creative industry.

The NRW Special additionally offers a platform to discuss new innovations and developments and helps form strategic networks. It will serve to identify current trends in NRW, the economy and in consequence, society as a whole in order to foster sustainable development. The featured creative thinkers are characterised by the quality and originality of their work. Because “design with awareness” creates an added value that future generations will benefit from.

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ökoRAUSCH Blog – Sustainable Design made in NRW


North Rhine-Westphalia is home to many small design labels and creative thinkers that have dedicated themselves to sustainability. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the state of NRW, on 2 November 2016, we began a feature that will make this diversity more visible and to present designers and projects – all of which call the creative state their home – that work on an exclusively sustainable basis.

Eco Design Forum


Focus of interest of the ECO DESIGN FORUM (EDF) international are the stories of designers all over the world who explore green ideas and develop sustainable products. Designers, artists, creative thinkers and cultural protagonists are meeting up with sustainability experts to exchange thoughts and to learn from each other.

ökoRAUSCH Blog – Profiles


The presented designers and artists are distinguished by their quality and originality. The focus here is on the heads and the philosophy behind the products and works: What distinguishes designers who are committed to sustainability? What motivates them especially? Stay inspired!

Last articles


Sustainable Living Film Festival

Sustainable Living Film Festival took place in 19 cities simultaneously all over Turkey on November 2016. 25 international documentaries were screened to inspire the audience for sustainable living.

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ONYA Collective

The Onya Collective is group of architects, activists, community leaders, and volunteers who utilize community organizing principals to design public spaces that serve the needs of all of the residents of the area. We met them during our ECO DESIGN FORUM in Tel Aviv.

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iota is a social brand designing beautiful handmade objects for the interior while creating jobs for otherwise unemployed people worldwide.

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The ecosign is a private and independent academy in Cologne-Ehrenfeld with a focus on sustainable design. We visited the ecosign to talk to Professor Karin-Simone Fuhs to find out more about the development of the academy since it was established in 1994.

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Social Urban Design

Nicolas Beucker teaches design at the Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences and pursues the issue of shaping the city as a habitat for society. Here he presents the content of his field of Social Urban Design.

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KnowMe stands for eco-fair clothing from Münster – for upcycling and recycling of discarded clothes as well as DIY workshops. We visited Noomi in her atelier in Münster.

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