Disarming Design School

After 7 years of developing the thought provoking design label Disarming Design from Palestine we want to establish an alternative design school. We respond to the need for a vibrant design program which maintains an active relationship with the local design and crafts communities, and can be flexible in its format. Many craftsmen and designers are active in Palestine, but due to the occupation and the often marginalized positions, they lack enough work, innovation and exposure.

Disarming Design School

The coming year we will further develop our alternative design school, also in collaboration with the Birzeit University, the Science studio of the Qattan foundation, the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam and the Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp — amongst others.

Additionally we will establish more peer-to-peer education and we will set up workshops to develop new ‘Disarming Design from Palestine’ products. While at the same time we will work on long term strategies, so we can establish a sustainable well rooted, sensitive, emancipating, inclusive and empowering design program.

Read more: disarmingdesign.com/support-alternative-design-school

Disarming Design School
Disarming Design School

Collective Thinking

From October to December 2018 we had two designers residing at Hosh Jalsa for Disarming Design from Palestine. They were the Dutch Mirelle van Tulder (graduate student at HKU Utrecht) and the Italian Tommaso Anceschi (master student Isia, Urbino). During their residency they organized a program of 4 workshops about creating collective knowledge through different design approaches.

“More and more designers are involved in processes of co-designing, participation, open-source models and workshops — and learning together while doing. Design is not presented as means to produce forms and shapes, but as a way to structure a process and find meaning in the way shapes can form new relationships.”  Annelys de Vet

Read more: disarmingdesign.com/collective-thinking-design-program

Sci-Fi Writing Course

Science Fiction is an opportunity – free from the restraints of time – to understand ourselves; our hopes and our fears, and imagine a world radically different than the one we are presented with today. It is a place where we can create exciting new futures and explore how we might get there tomorrow. We invite artists, writers, students, and other imaginative minds to join Disarming Design from Palestine for eight weekly workshops focused on Science Fiction writing; exploring the genres potentials in a Palestinian context.

Throughout the series of workshops participants will engage in drawing tasks, readings, discussions, and movie screenings that will help them develop their own ideas for a story.

Read more: disarmingdesign.com/palestinian-worldbuilding-sci-fi-writing-course


Christina Schütz

Christina Schütz

Christina ist Expertin im Bereich Kommunikation. Sie entwicklet ganzheitliche Kommunikations-Konzepte, bei denen klare Inhalte, Kanäle und Kommunikationsformen aufeinander abgestimmt sind. Seit 2012 ist sie bei ökoRAUSCH dabei und im Bereich Kommunikation verwurzelt.

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ONYA Collective

The Onya Collective is group of architects, activists, community leaders, and volunteers who utilize community organizing principals to design public spaces that serve the needs of all of the residents of the area. We met them during our ECO DESIGN FORUM in Tel Aviv.

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Die Stadt gemeinsam gestalten

Die Agora Köln schafft mit dem Tag des guten Lebens eine autofreie Zone mitten in Köln – als Impulsgeber und Labor für zukünftige Stadtgestaltung. Wir laden alle Designer*innen ein, den entstehenden Freiraum gemeinsam mit den Anwohner*innen zu gestalten und neue urbane Lebens- und Mobilitätsformen zu erforschen.

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