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This blog serves as a platform for the discovery of Europe’s sustainable design and art scenes, and will gradually making its way to other continents of the world. Blog entries about creative thinkers, projects, events and topics of special interest will show the diversity of this platform.


Feel free to send us comments, useful links and questions to redaktion@oekorausch.de. We are always open to guest contributions, just send us your ideas.

ökoRAUSCH goes Tunis IV

Empowering women, strengthening local identity, fighting terrorism, preserving heritage, creating local income opportunities – see what you can do when you merge design and crafts in Tunisia’s wide range of innovative projects.

Category: Festival 2020, ökoRAUSCH goes international / Keyword: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , / 8. September 2020

Getting to know Raute Film

The duo behind Raute Film produces sustainable films! In their guest article, they explain what that means.

Category: Festival 2020 / Keyword: , , , / 24. April 2020

ökoRAUSCH goes Tunis III

Joyful Design! That’s what the Tunisian design label flaÿou calls their refreshing approach reflected in their products. In 2019 we met the founders Hella El Khiari and Thomas Egoumenides in Tunis and were lucky to get a closer look into their studio…

Category: Festival 2020, ökoRAUSCH goes international / Keyword: , , , , , / 31. March 2020

ökoRAUSCH goes Tunis II

The Collectif Creatif from Tunis boasts creative projects centered on reviving the Medina, from an international light arts festival over educating youth as tourist guides to urban gardening projects.

Category: Festival 2020, ökoRAUSCH goes international / Keyword: , , , / 20. March 2020

GIZ – Gender Equality via App

Gender equality by 2030 – that’s the goal defined by SDG number 5. Learn how to take action with the new „NachhaltICH“ app by the GIZ.

Category: Festival 2020 / Keyword: , , , , / 8. March 2020

iphiGenia Gender Design Award

With the iphiGenia Gender Design Award, the International Gender Design Network e.V. (iGDN) presents awards to the best gender-sensitive companies, initiatives and products every year.

Category: Festival 2020 / Keyword: , , , , , / 27. February 2020

Thomas Baumgärtel

The Cologne-based artist Thomas Baumgärtel made a name for himself in the art world with the pseudonym “The banana sprayer”. In our interview he talks about connecting art and sustainability.

Category: Festival 2020 / Keyword: , / 31. January 2020

We Are Strong

How can kids become change agents with their own ideas for a inspiring future? This was realized by this project with the help of design.

Category: Festival 2020 / Keyword: , , , / 27. December 2019

ökoRAUSCH goes Tunis

To broaden our horizon and explore how design and sustainability come together in other cultures we went on a research and networking trip to Tunis!

Category: Festival 2020, ökoRAUSCH goes international / Keyword: , / 17. December 2019

Festival 2020

Festival 2020

Get into the frenzy of sustainability and design, of diversity and inspiration, of art and transformation! Whether innovative exhibits or crisp knowledge transfer - everywhere we focus on ideas and concepts for the change towards a resource-oriented and responsible society! Be inspired by our exhibitors* and speakers* from creative industries, culture, science and society! And discover, explore, and discuss the world of tomorrow we all want to live in.

ökoRAUSCH goes international

Sustainability matters beyond borders. Therefore ökoRAUSCH hunts for stories of designers all over the world who explore green ideas and develop sustainable products. We connect designers, artists, creative thinkers and cultural protagonists from different partner cities in our international ECO DESIGN FORUMs, during the ökoRAUSCH festival and in research and networking trips.

ökoRAUSCH Blog – create society

Shaping Society

Positive impulses for shaping society can come about when design, art, architecture, social protest, politics and urban planning come together in public activities (as a reaction to societal events) while keeping the focus on creative answers to societal issues. Here, design and art can serve as the foundation for committed “change makers”.

eco design forum


Focus of interest of the ECO DESIGN FORUM (EDF) international are the stories of designers all over the world who explore green ideas and develop sustainable products. Designers, artists, creative thinkers and cultural protagonists are meeting up with sustainability experts to exchange thoughts about the relevance of design and art in the fields of economy and society and to learn from each other.

ökoRAUSCH Blog – Social Design

Social Design & Arts

Social design & arts are characterised by their usefulness. Creative thinkers are developing innovative solutions for social issues, encompassing everything from the design of fair trade products, which ensure a living wage for the producers, to interventions in public spaces. It’s all about social commitment.

ökoRAUSCH Blog – ecological design

Ecological Product and Service Design

Sustainable design aims at developing solutions to ecological problems regarding the production, the use and the disposal of products. It is also dedicated to the design of services that represent an improvement for people and the environment alike. “Good ideas” are often the source of truly useful products and range of services.

Sustainable Design NRW

Sustainable design made in NRW

North Rhine-Westphalia is home to many small design labels and creative thinkers that have dedicated themselves to sustainability. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the state of NRW, on 2 November 2016, we began a feature that will make this diversity more visible and to present designers and projects – all of which call the creative state their home – that work on an exclusively sustainable basis.

ökoRAUSCH Blog – Profiles

Profiles Design & Art

The presented designers and artists are distinguished by their quality and originality. The focus here is on the heads and the philosophy behind the products and works: What distinguishes designers who are committed to sustainability? What motivates them especially? Stay inspired!