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Das gute Ding

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Field: Product & Project Design
Düsseldorf, Germany
Website: dasguteding.de
Facebook: facebook.com/dasguteding

Designing good things – and staying true to our values

“Das Gute Ding” (in English: “The Good Thing”) initiates and implements design projects with attitude. Social development and happenings continually bring up new issues that “Das Gute Ding” dedicates itself to in the form of products and projects that tell their own personal story.

The collective was founded in 2014 when the big storm “Ela” destroyed around 40,000 historic trees in Düsseldorf: “Das Gute Ding” developed the “Little Storm Cutting Board”, a small cutting board for the citizens of Düsseldorf with an engraving of the name, age and GPS location of the fallen tree. With that, the collective keeps the memory of the historic trees alive and uses the money made from the cutting board sales to plant new trees around the city.

The project encouraged the designers to stick to their values and to use them to develop high-quality products and projects. The main focus of our work at the moment is the use of artificial flavours and food additives and we are working on producing organic essences with a traditional distillery from the Münster region.

On 23 November 2016, the designer collective was named one of the most creative young companies in Germany by the Federal Initiative for Culture and Creative Economy and has been named “2016 German cultural and creative pilot”.

Das gute Ding – Sturmbrettchen
Das gute Ding – Sturmbrettchen
Das gute Ding – Sturmbrettchen
Das gute Ding – Sturmbrettchen
Das gute Ding – Sturmbrettchen
Das gute Ding – Sturmbrettchen
Das gute Ding – Sturmbrettchen


The traditional distillery Dwersteg from the Münster region is a family owned business, now being run by the fifth generation. Forty years ago, the company switched to using exclusively organic ingredients and production processes. For the in-house production of their exclusive liqueurs, they have been using the finest organic macerates for years, which have, until now, not been used for other food sectors.

Das gute Ding – Doc's Essence

The globalised world has presented us with a market in which we have lost the connection to things and their origins. Our food has additives that aren’t familiar to us, food colouring that we don’t need and chemical flavour enhancers that are unhealthy for the human body. Doc’s Essenz brings only the purest macerates – each made of only water, alcohol and the respective fruit or plant – to the home kitchen, to the bar and to haute cuisine.

Das gute Ding – Doc's Essence

Doc’s Essenz are meant to sensitise consumers with regards to the ingredients in our food and offer them select organic ingredients, which can usually only be found when they are in season, that they can use to refine dishes, drinks and desserts.


Das gute Ding – Doc's Essenz
Das gute Ding – Doc's Essenz
Das gute Ding – Doc's Essenz

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Das gute Ding – Portrait

Das gute Ding

The designers Philip Behrend, Philipp Bilke, Daniel Goll and Tobias Jochinke founded “Das gute Ding” in 2014. They implement design with attitude in their original design projects. For them, the values of sustainability, meaningfulness and aesthetics are key in this process.

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