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We’ve recently returned from our first workshop and networking event, the ökoRAUSCH ECO DESIGN FORUM International! Here is a photostory of our trip to Israel and Palestine at the end of October 2016.

My colleagues Christina Schütz, Isabel Oestreich, Tatjana Krischik and I have brought back a number of special stories about the designers from Israel and Palestine that participated at the ECO DESIGN FORUM (EDF). They are all the creators of innovative green ideas, projects and products that bring with them a great deal of inspiration, courage and creativity! The success of the EDF was due in large part to the intercultural exchange and international sustainable art and design networking between Palestinian, Israeli and German designers from the partner cities Tel Aviv, Bethlehem and Cologne as well as the Turkish and Spanish partners from Istanbul and Barcelona.


Day 1 | We started the EDF at the Heinrich Böll Foundation Israel, Tel Aviv
with presentations of all our cooperation partners and ökoRAUSCH who gave insights into the design, arts and cultural scene of their countries

Tel Aviv / Israel
Adital Ela, designer and lecturer for sustainable design, CEO of criaterra Design

Auja / Palestine
Malek Abualfailat, Palestinian Project Manager Friends of the Earth – Middle East

Istanbul / Turky
Pınar Öncel and Tuna Özçuhadar, project leader of Design and Innovation Initiative for Sustainability

Barcelona / Spain
Maria Paz Montecinos, art director and cultural manager, designer for Drap-Art

Cologne / Germany
Dunja Karabaic, project manageress of the ökoRAUSCH Think Tank


In the afternoon we were going on a field trip to meet protagonists of the local deisgn, art and sustainablity scene of Tel Aviv:

A social project striving to design beautiful handmade objects

ONYA Collective
Creating positive spaces and natural hosts of people in the city

Living artifacts that create a unique natural sense and presence in any environment.

Day 2 | ALMA Home of Hebrew Culture, Tel Aviv
Panel 1 Creative Industries
Keynote speech and Workshop
Authentic Business Models for Sustainable Design

Christof Schreckenberg, Feldstärken GmbH

Panel 2 Education, Social Design & Arts
Keynote speech (via Skype)
A Short Trip into Environmental Psychology
Laura Henn

Best Practices
Global Learning and Upcycling
Tatjana Krischik, ökoRAUSCH Think Tank
Art & Dialogue Isabel Oestreich, ökoRAUSCH Think Tank
Co-designed processes Pinar Öncel
Earth Based Art Daphna Yalon

Day 3 | Travelling day
On our way to the second EDF international location, Auja, we went on a field trip to Battir and Ramallah to meet up with protagonists from the local design, arts and sustainability scene.:

Battir Landscape Ecomuseum


Disarming Design

Day 4 | EcoCenter Auja
Project presentations of scenes of sustainable design
by Adital Ela, Mahmoud Driaat, Pınar Öncel and Tuna Özçuhadar, Maria Paz Montecinos and Dunja Karabaic

Guided tour through the EcoCenter, fild trip to Jericho, where we met protagonists of the local design, art and sustainability scene

Day 5 | EcoCenter Auja
Panel 1 Creative Industries
Keynote speech and workshop
Christof Schreckenberg, Feldstärken GmbH

Panel 2 Education, Social Design & Arts
Best practices
Workshop building an oven out of self-produced mud-bricks Ahmad Ameen Attyat, EcoCenter Auja






Dunja Karabaic

Dunja is the founder of ökoRAUSCH and has been the manageress of its activities since 2008. She is excited that ökoRAUSCH has also been attracting more and more people as a festival since 2012 and that it has become a Germany-wide brand. With its 2016 re-launch, the ökoRAUSCH team can look forward to exciting new challenges, such as the internationalisation of the festival and the establishment of the new blog. Credit: VeithKlub Fotografie

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