Sustainability requires creativity

The ökoRAUSCH Design and Sustainability Festival is a design festival with an attitude. It stands for intelligent design that puts people, society and the environment first.

The ökoRAUSCH Festival presents trends with a future and gives important societal impulses while continually reflecting on design and art: How do designers and artists face the challenges of climate change? How can creative development processes pave the way for more intact, caring cooperation among people? And above all, how can we get as many people as possible to turn their knowledge into action?
The exhibitors and contributors at the ökoRAUSCH Festival will give us inspiring answers to these questions as they face today’s challenges with their expertise, energy and, most of all, creativity!


Design with awareness

The heart of the Festival is a curated, international exhibition that will shine the light on high-quality, sustainable products, innovative design concepts and artistic positions. The designers and artists will prove their talent using playful methods, intelligent approaches and unconventional ideas, bringing them together with meaningful design.
Besides the exhibition there will also be a comprehensive programme with contributions from the fields of design, art, science, economy and politics which will constantly reflecting on the leitmotiv of sustainability. The Festival’s programme will therefore offer a range of inspiration and connecting factors with sustainable economy, environmental engagement, social equity and cultural diversity.


Design around the world

The ökoRAUSCH Festival is going international! At center stage you will find the personal stories of the designers from many parts of the world who develop green ideas and products. We have been cooperating closely with designers from four of Cologne’s sister cities since Autumn 2016. We have invited them, as well as other choice designers and artists, to join our Festival this year! You can look forward to Disarming Design from Ramallah, IOTA from Tel Aviv, Drap-Art out of Barcelona, Istanbul’s Sustainable Film Festival and more.

…and by the way

The ökoRAUSCH Festival for Design & Sustainability was awarded the quality certification “Projekt Nachhaltigkeit”, or “Project Sustainability” on 17 March, 2017 in Düsseldorf. As one of the 67 projects among the more than 240 candidates, we were able to win over the jury of the council for sustainable development! ökoRAUSCH founder, Dunja Karabaic, stated on behalf of the entire ökoRAUSCH team that they “[…] are excited when socio-ecologically motivated change fosters creativity and the Festival is able to inspire its audience to take action”.


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Stadt Land Welt

The diverse programme as well as the contributions on the interface between environmental and developmental topics by Stadt Land Welt e.V. are sponsored by

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