ökoRAUSCH Festival für Design & Nachhaltigkeit vom 28.08.–24.09.2020 im MAKK
ökoRAUSCH Ausstellung 2017


The highest standard in sustainable design

The ökoRAUSCH exhibition is the heart of the ökoRAUSCH Festival, which we are putting on for the first time at the renowned location for design in Cologne, the Museum of Applied Arts Cologne (MAKK).

On the second floor of the MAKK you will find our curated international exhibit on the more than 200 m2 of exhibition space. Just as in the three years prior, the exhibit focuses on high-quality, sustainable products, innovative design concepts and the positions of modern artists in the area of tension between humans and the environment. Outstanding design lables and creative businesses will present the diversity and the current developments of a growing scene that allows sustainability to be an integral part of its work. The designers and artists will prove their talent using playful methods, intelligent approaches and unconventional ideas, bringing them together with meaningful design.


…by the way… our hole programme will take part in MAKK
An der Rechtschule, 50667 Köln | next trainstation: Hauptbahnhof

additionally to getting free entrance to the MAKK during the ökoRAUSCH Festival, there will be extended opening hours to the museum!

Design made in NRW

North Rhine-Westphalia is now taking the lead as a place for creative economy & sustainable design. And this is reflected in the ökoRAUSCH exhibition as it shines the light on the growing diversity in this special part of the industry. The entire exhibition is sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The MAKK  is located in the very centre of Cologne:
An der Rechtschule, 50667 Cologen | nearest station: Hauptbahnhof / Central Station

Exhibitors 2017

A Review

A. Serkan Aka

Born in 1982, he studied engineering but focused on art and design. He makes illustrations and picture books; interior and furniture design; assemblages and installations mostly for the spaces he designs. His illustrations and installations relate to cities and animals through an imaginary view.

A.Serkan Aka / Art & Design / Istanbul / serkanaka.com


Author/director Mia Grau and architect/designer Andree Weissert played a game of make believe that inspired a story reminiscent of the future. The physical realisation of which was the Atomteller, or atom plate.

Mia Grau & Andree Weißert / Art & Commerce / Hohenlockstedt / atomteller.de


Backwood develops and produces functional and sustainable products for the field of board sports.
The enterprise, founded in Aachen in 2013 by Martin Weiß, mainly produces surfing and stand-up paddle boards out of wood — a renewable raw material.
This makes every single board unique.

Martin Weiß / Sports Equipment / Aachen / back-wood.de


Bilal Yılmaz designs, makes, researches and produces art. He works on social and collective action projects.

Bilal YILMAZ / Designer-Maker & Researcher & Co-Founder/ Istanbul / bilalyilmaz.info

Brad Downey

Brad Downey is a versatile proponent of Independent Public Art. He creates a wide body of work, comical, bitingly critical and humorous. His projects overthrow the customs of the urban and societal environment so well, that they are perceived as proper or suitable rather than prohibitive or invasive.

Brad Downey / Extra Terrestrial / Berlin / braddowney.com

Concrete Ecological Solutions

ECOncrete® offers a suite of fully constructive bio-enhancing concrete products and designs that increase the ecological value of urban, coastal, and marine infrastructure, while improving their structural performance.

ECOncrete / Landscape Engineering / Tel Aviv / econcretetech.com

Connecting Things

I feel design it is a lot about connecting things that were not previously linked… That generates new relationships, many of them unpredicted, that hopefully can address more enjoyable and rich ways to relate with the environment and between people.

Curro Clarret / Industrialdesign & Arts / Barcelona / curroclaret.com


CRIATERRA creates pure eco-innovative building materials that are as strong as concrete and at the same time embody the vision of a circular economy. Our 100% natural materials are made of earth and natural fibers and allows the mass production of constructive elements as well as interior products.

Criaterra / 100% Natural Composite Building Products with Concrete Strength / Tel Aviv / criaterra.com

Das Gute Ding

“Das Gute Ding” initiates and realises creative projects with attitude. Societal developments and events continually raise new issues that “Das Gute Ding” has dedicated itself to in the form of products and projects that tell their very own story.

Das Gute Ding / Product & Project Design / Dusseldorf / dasguteding.de