Many good word- and world-improvers

All of the many words: There haven’t been enough of them! Words can be motivating, inspiring, and teach us new things, helping us to harness the power to act. But the ökoRAUSCH Festival contributors’ activities, projects and stances are also very impressive. They are meeting the challenges of our time with expertise, moxie and, most of all, an incredible amount of creativity!

Co-Organiser of the ökoRAUSCH Festival

The extensive programme as well as the theme-based exhibition of the interface between environmental and development issues and design have been conceptualised together with Stadt Land Welt e.V.

Stiftung Umwelt Entwicklung

Friday 28.8.2020 – VERNISSAGE

ökoRAUSCH Exhebition for design & sustainability

Moderation: tbd

Saturday 5.9.2020 – Design for the future

Saving resources with design

To kick off our programme we will be going back to the basics: Which material do we use in design in order to truly save resources? Will we soon be growing products themselves? And what are we building upon for our tomorrow? Our experts will put you in a RAUSCH with the world of possibilities.

Moderation: Kim Huber, ökoRAUSCH

Sunday 6.9.2020 – City design – Part 1

Creatively using (city) spaces

The majority of the world’s population lives in cities and urban agglomerations. Should this really be answered with a construction boom and real estate as a financial investment? How can we instead – together as a community – re-design cities to become communal, inclusive places with a better quality of life for all of its citizens!

Moderation: Rainer Kiel

Thursday 10.9.2020 – City design – Part 2

Creatively using (city) spaces

The city’s buildings are the canvass of street artists. What impact can political art in public spaces have? Look, listen, ask and join the discussion.

Moderation: Captain Borderline

Saturday 12.09.2020 – Coding for climate – Part 1

Digitalisation and sustainability

The Internet and digitalisation are a part of our everyday lives and communication, making them easier; they stand for efficiency and dematerialisation. But what is the carbon footprint of the virtual space? Shouldn’t we measure our digital activity by more than just bits, bytes, shares and likes and also consider rare earths, emissions and ethics? While the Internet will be subject to critique here, we will also brainstorm how clever codes can be the beginning of a more environmentally friendly Internet!

Moderation: Kathrin Prassel

Sunday 13.9.2020 – Democracy theatre

Exhausted democracy

Performative input on positive utopias for democracy and politics, on new societal models and visionary alternative life designs.

Thursday 17.9.2020 – Less is more

Working sustainably

Concepts for new ways of working did not fist arise during the corona crisis. We Germans are the world champions of productivity, but out of love for the environment and nature, we shouldn’t overdo it. People’s psyche and individual life satisfaction often suffer from it. So how can we work more sustainably?

Moderation: Kim Huber, ökoRAUSCH

Friday 18.9.2020 – Make a statement

For a healthy environment (in Cologne)

Today we are making a statement: With pen and paper in hand, we are going to explore the basics of graphic recordings; but with moxie, vision and direct democracy we will also be setting the tone for a transformation toward a climate-neutral Cologne.

Moderation: tbd

Saturday 19.9.2020 – Coding for climate – Part 2

Do it yourself

A crash course for all (women) who want to learn how to work magic with source codes. Registration opens at the end of July!

Sunday 20.9.2020 – Artivismus & Empowerment

Art is power

Artivism combines art and activism in the public sphere. Art wants to be liked – but it doesn’t have to be – and it refuses to be held back. That’s how it creates free spaces that allow for the development of fresh ideas and new perspectives. Art shakes things up; it is confrontational; and it empowers people to autonomously and confidently make their (critical) voices heard and, most of all, seen. When combined with a social creative will there arises: Artivism.

Moderation: Katharina Klapdor, And She Was Like: BÄM!

Thursday 24.9.2020 – Ecodesign Conference & Finissage

The Ecodesign Conference is the grand finale of the ökoRAUSCH exhibition. With representatives of the design industry, scientific institutes and North Rhine-Westphalian universities and colleges, the topic of “Ecodesign” will be examined and examined more closely in exciting lectures and workshops.

Moderation: Thomas Häusler, WDR

The Ecodesign Conference will take place in cooperation with the ökoRAUSCH Think Tank.

Stadt Land Welt

As in previous years, our long-time partner, and co-organiser of the festival since 2016, Stadt Land Welt e.V. has been largely responsible for the content-related and, most of all, methodologically planned communication of featured issues for a broad audience.

Complex subject areas regarding environment and development, such as the ecological footprint, the use of resources and climate change, global supply chains, land grabbing, working conditions and human rights, as well as civic involvement, will be presented in an accessible way to visitors with respective theme-based exhibitions. There will also be thematic presentations, workshops and performances.

As co-organiser, Stadt Land Welt is responsible for the educational aspect of the Festival. It will also present its own complementary programme to present to the interested public environmental and development policy issues as they pertain to sustainable design.