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Be it product design, social design, service design, graphic design, textile design, installations, performances, design or artistic study projects, the years and years of work that ökoRAUSCH has done has led to the formation of a large network of exhibitors that we would like to present to you here in the form of a profile pool. With that, we would like to invite you to check out our network and do some research of your own.


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Backwood develops and produces functional and sustainable products for the field of board sports.
The enterprise, founded in Aachen in 2013 by Martin Weiß, mainly produces surfing and stand-up paddle boards out of wood — a renewable raw material.
This makes every single board unique.

Martin Weiß / produkt design


Bilal Yılmaz designs, makes, researches and produces art. He works on social and collective action projects.

Bilal YILMAZ / produkt design

Connecting Things

I feel design it is a lot about connecting things that were not previously linked… That generates new relationships, many of them unpredicted, that hopefully can address more enjoyable and rich ways to relate with the environment and between people.

Curro Clarret / produkt design


CRIATERRA creates pure eco-innovative building materials that are as strong as concrete and at the same time embody the vision of a circular economy. Our 100% natural materials are made of earth and natural fibers and allows the mass production of constructive elements as well as interior products.

Criaterra / produkt design

Das Gute Ding

“Das Gute Ding” initiates and realises creative projects with attitude. Societal developments and events continually raise new issues that “Das Gute Ding” has dedicated itself to in the form of products and projects that tell their very own story.

Das Gute Ding / produkt design

Disarming Design from Palestine

Disarming Design aims to spread alternative narratives about contemporary Palestine and reflect upon the function of creative practices in situations of conflict. The label presents and sells useful goods from Palestine, designed by contemporary designers and artists in collaboration with local producers and artisans.

Mohammad Saleh & Annelys DeVet / produkt design

ecosign / quarz.sand

Like sand in the ocean. This reflects our feelings about the infiniteness of sand. It seems unthinkable that our sand resources are depleting as they are used for production int he modern world. quarz.sand reminds us of the value of these fascinating grains, some of which are half as old as the planet Earth itself.

Laura Quarz / produkt design, study project

ecosign / Wallice

This table lamp optimises your indoor climate through it’s design, light and functionality as a humidifier. The delicate filaments of the light source provides not only light, but also warmth. This warmth heats water in the lamp shade, which evaporates, thus working as a humidifier, aiding in the prevention of colds

Juneit, Frederik Breiner / produkt design, study project


“Example is not the only the best way to influence others, it is the only way.” Albert SchweizerI have lived my life according to this quote for a long time. My work advocates for good working conditions and environmental protection, making others aware of the issues and providing alternatives.

Nina Vohs / produkt design