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Be it product design, social design, service design, graphic design, textile design, installations, performances, design or artistic study projects, the years and years of work that ökoRAUSCH has done has led to the formation of a large network of exhibitors that we would like to present to you here in the form of a profile pool. With that, we would like to invite you to check out our network and do some research of your own.


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Brad Downey

Brad Downey is a versatile proponent of Independent Public Art. He creates a wide body of work, comical, bitingly critical and humorous. His projects overthrow the customs of the urban and societal environment so well, that they are perceived as proper or suitable rather than prohibitive or invasive.

Brad Downey / installation


Drap-Art is a platform of artists who use trash as their material and/or conceptual resource. The work of 150 artists is promoted every year at its festival in Barcelona and international venues. In Uruguay, the US and Argentina Drap-Art has established head quarters with an annual local version of the festival.

Drap-Art / installation

Labor Fou

The artist collective Labor Fou (*living and working in Cologne and Düsseldorf) specializes in temporary installations, urban interventions, interventions in public spaces, graphic and exhibition design. The team tries to push the boundaries of public space, experimenting with it and re-inventing it.

Alain Yimbou, Jan Bertil Meier, Benjamin Nast, Nadine Nebel, Thomas Quack / installation

Sensuous Earth

Daphna Yalon researched the interconnected relationships between ‘House as Home’ and ‘Land as Home’ in Australia 2004-07. Since then she has been creating, researching and teaching Earth as matter and as the essence of life. Engaging community in processes is an integral part of her practice.

Photo: Elad Rabinovich

Daphna Yalon / installation