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Be it product design, social design, service design, graphic design, textile design, installations, performances, design or artistic study projects, the years and years of work that ökoRAUSCH has done has led to the formation of a large network of exhibitors that we would like to present to you here in the form of a profile pool. With that, we would like to invite you to check out our network and do some research of your own.


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Disarming Design from Palestine

Disarming Design aims to spread alternative narratives about contemporary Palestine and reflect upon the function of creative practices in situations of conflict. The label presents and sells useful goods from Palestine, designed by contemporary designers and artists in collaboration with local producers and artisans.

Mohammad Saleh & Annelys DeVet / produkt design


Drap-Art is a platform of artists who use trash as their material and/or conceptual resource. The work of 150 artists is promoted every year at its festival in Barcelona and international venues. In Uruguay, the US and Argentina Drap-Art has established head quarters with an annual local version of the festival.

Drap-Art / installation

ecosign / quarz.sand

Like sand in the ocean. This reflects our feelings about the infiniteness of sand. It seems unthinkable that our sand resources are depleting as they are used for production int he modern world. quarz.sand reminds us of the value of these fascinating grains, some of which are half as old as the planet Earth itself.

Laura Quarz / produkt design, study project

ecosign / Wallice

This table lamp optimises your indoor climate through it’s design, light and functionality as a humidifier. The delicate filaments of the light source provides not only light, but also warmth. This warmth heats water in the lamp shade, which evaporates, thus working as a humidifier, aiding in the prevention of colds

Juneit, Frederik Breiner / produkt design, study project

axel erwald

From Sewage to Living Water – Samania Park

Axel Ewald was trained at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences in Germany. He is currently working on his PhD research project at Oxford Brookes University with the title “Redeeming the soul of landscape and redeeming landscape for the soul”.

Axel Ewald / social design

Helping. Building. Giving shelter.

The Little Homes measure around 1.6 x 1.20 x 2.8 metres and have a mattress, shelf, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, sink, a stove and a camping toilet. The small wooden living spaces are now raising a furore far beyond Cologne’s city limits.

Little Home / service design, social design

Ich tue Nichts – I do nothing

In 2016, I did 365 daily self-experiments and interventions to explore inaction and its close relatives such as silence, absence,… Now I am introducing this nothingness, this in-betweenness to the world as a DIY-box to make this game tangible and physical for anyone.

Stephan US - Archiv des Nichts / performance


Always something new in your closet and nonetheless sustainable – the Kleiderei supplies you with a diverse choice of outfits for a monthly fee. You can keep four pieces as long as you want, or swap anytime you want.
It saves money and natural resources. Sharing is caring!

Kleiderei Cologne / service design


“Example is not the only the best way to influence others, it is the only way.” Albert SchweizerI have lived my life according to this quote for a long time. My work advocates for good working conditions and environmental protection, making others aware of the issues and providing alternatives.

Nina Vohs / produkt design