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Be it product design, social design, service design, graphic design, textile design, installations, performances, design or artistic study projects, the years and years of work that ökoRAUSCH has done has led to the formation of a large network of exhibitors that we would like to present to you here in the form of a profile pool. With that, we would like to invite you to check out our network and do some research of your own.


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social urban design

Cities are our playgrounds for self-discovery. We identify with the playgrounds and participate in its future. For this we require tools that make connections tangible. These help us form our opinions and be creative. This is where social urban design makes its contribution.

SOUND – Kompetenzzentrum Social Urban Design / social design, study project

der stubenhocker


Individually custom manufactured furniture consistently sustainable crafted by the joinery Feines in Holz. The incorporated brand name StadtwaldHolz® reflects their mission: The processed wood comes from the forest of Cologne and is manufactured resource-savingly into long-living furniture.

StadtwaldHolz / produkt design

Swedish Design with a heart of green

Vibrant, intense colours, which are functional and made of high-quality natural materials – that’s swedish designer Gudrun Sjödén’s kind of fashion. Everything is wonderfully timeless, can be easily combined with other articles, and is perfect for woman who love upbeat and sustainable clothing.

Gudrun Sjödén / fashion

wilm weppelmann

The Adventures of Rob Cabbage

Artist Wilm Weppelmann of Münster is one of the most well-known actors in the urban gardening scene. His 30-day performance on a swimming island of vegetables even made international headlines. His newest art projects “The Adventures of Rob Cabbage” connects his wild gardening activism with a poetic localisation.

Photo: wilm@weppelmann.de

Wilm Weppelmann / performance

Thomas Alexander Nufer

I realise complex ideas with self-explanatory images. I focus on promoting awareness and the emotional conveyance of political, ecological and social issues through performance and conceptual art in public space (script, direction, performance, installation, irritation).

public ideas / performance

VELOGICAL engineering

VELOSPEEDER is a miniaturized standard motor for bicycles (500g) without any side effects and largely maintenance-free. The electric bicycle retains its classic light-weight design, weighing only 1/5 of the total weight of a conventional pedelec drive. No additional frictional resistance during normal cycling

Dipl. Ing. Peter Frieden & Dipl. Des. A. Ogando / produkt design

Weltbaustellen NRW

The One World Network NRW (in German: Eine Welt Netz NRW) is setting the example on change that has to start with us. In 17 cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, international artists have been connecting space for discussion and murals with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Eine Welt Netz NRW / art

WERKHAUS destinature

Nature is our destination: In Wendland, far away from the metropoles, WERKHAUS – with a 25-year track record in innovative office and home accessories – develops furniture and smart solutions for outdoor life under the lable destinature, consistantly sustainable and 100% made in Germany.

WERKHAUS destinature / produkt design

Yasemin Artut Design Studio

Industrial designer and entrepreneur based in İstanbul, founder of Yasemin Artut Design Studio and Roka Design for the Environment. Searching for an innovative transformation of her productivity and entrepreneurial spirit into a positive impact for human and nature creates main focus of her works.

Yasemin Artut / produkt design, service design