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Designer: Nina Plum
Label: germanmade.
Product design
Founded: 2010
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Website: germanmadepunkt.de
Facebook: facebook.com/germanmadepunkt/

Short introduction

germanmade. stands for products with spirit made for people with a heart and mind, for sophisticated and surprising design products that make our lives better. The bags and accessories are developed with love and hand-made in Germany. They captivate not only with high standards of shape and function, but they win you over with their simple design, unique character and healthy sustainability.

All of the products are hand-made in small series production. The designs, ideas and thoughts are translated into products in their partner ateliers in Düsseldorf, Apolda and Solingen, among others.

The raw material they use is individually chosen by Nina Plum and are used to manufacture bags, cases, wallets and much more. Many partnerships have been made and cherished since germanmade. was founded in November 2010. The close cooperation and the simplicity of the processes also give them the opportunity to directly involve the customers to cater to their every wish.

Organizer "g-book"
Organizer "g-book"
Wallet "L' etoile etui"
Wallet "L' etoile etui"

How it all started

germanmade. wasn’t a project long in the making. Designer Nina Plum was just looking for exactly these kind of products when she decided to make them herself. So they were born of her own aspirations. Just like that. Because it felt good. With heart’s blood and vision. That was in late 2010. Now they are 72 steps further in their endeavour. They’ve grown. They’ve matured and are hungry for more. As a new mum with a 1½ year old daughter, she got partners on board that have the same work ethic as her: namely power mums.

The “germanmädels”, a play on the company name that means “German girls”, have fun doing what they do. That’s why they do it. That’s the way it was and the way it will always be. The “germanmades” were children of the 1990s and are adults of the 21st century. They work in the here and now and have the wild ideas of tomorrow. And that is reflected in each of their designs. The germanmade. network of medium-sized craft businesses grows with each new product and encompasses the whole country. A cross-section of Germany. From the traditional to the modern. Unique products. Entirely germanmade. Period.

Unique Pieces
Each unique piece is embossed by hand
Finishing a laptop bag
Finishing a laptop bag
Wallet "L' etoile etui mini"
Hand-made – Wallet "L' etoile etui mini"

Sustainability and Design

The unity of design, material and function is what makes germanmade. products so special. Good design doesn’t live off of good ideas alone. It requires skill, experience and understanding for the material. How they react to one another. Harmonise with one another. How durable they are. How you can work with them. But it also takes courage to take the path less travelled. The designs are always directly connected to the material that is used. With the focus being on minimalistic style and the form and function of the products, germanmade. speaks to people who value aesthetics and design. Besides, sustainable production, from the material to the manual production, are a given for germanmade. The name speaks for itself.

So it isn’t only the short distances travelled and timeless design that stand for sustainability, but also primarily the hand-picked material. We only use cowhides tanned with vegetable tannins, which don’t have chromium salts, so the products are low-emission. As well as natural wool felt, either from one of the last remaining German manufacturers or from FSC certified wood. This type of production preserves the authenticity of the materials used. Each hide and piece of wood keeps its naturalness, its own story. germanmade. lives from their stories and with that not only offers special products, but also products with a spirit that makes each piece a one of a kind.

Photos by Philipp Plum / Models: Misfit Models

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Nina Plum

We are the children of the 1990s and the adults of the 21st century, just like our designs. We work in the here and now and have the wild ideas of tomorrow. Our network is growing with each new product and encompasses the whole country. A cross-section of Germany. From the traditional to the modern.

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