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Groegl Upcycling

ökoRAUSCH Blog – groegl upcycling
VLORI- A vase out of left-over wood, glass clippings and a bicycle tyre.


Designer: Gregor Halberstadt
Label: Groegl Upcycling
Area: Upcycling Design/ Produktdesign
Foundet: 2013
Location: Kempen, Deutschland
Website: www.groeglupcycling.de
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GroeglUpcycling

What we do

GROEGL UPCYCLING stands for design products made from recycled material. Furniture and home accessories are impressive, not only because of their high-quality and sustainable design, but also because of the unique character of each individual piece.

All of the products are manually crafted as part of a small-scale series. Everything is hand-made, designed and produced by the designer himself! That way, the production stays true to the design. The advantage of in-house production is that we can cater to customer wishes such as size and colour – perfectly customised.

ökoRAUSCH Blog – groegl upcycling
SKATEPEN- A pen made out of old skateboards

How it started

As a trained craftsman I have been able to translate different artists’ ideas into products. As a creative thinker myself, this eventually was not fulfilling enough and I followed the urge to become more active in the design process and started studying product design. Even as a student I began working on my own projects that dealt with recycling and upcycling. Which is how I came to write about it in my final thesis “Experimental development of recycled furniture for small-series production”. This was the beginning of my own labe Groegl Upcycling.

ökoRAUSCH Blog – groegl upcycling
LOOP- A closet out of plastic, plywood, stainless steel and rubber

Sustainability & Design

Groegl Upcycling design products address people with sustainable consumer behaviour who appreciate aesthetics and design. The attractive products are impressive not only due to well thought out design and the sustainable production, but also because each piece is a one of a kind.

And the materials we use have their own special history. The re-used material lends its uniqueness and individuality to each product. The history of the material helps make it very attractive and interesting because it is used to create and serve new forms and functions in a completely different context than before. The personal connection between the person and the product is enhanced by the individuality of the upcycling products, reflecting the owner’s lifestyle, which is how Groegl’s upcycling products combine sustainability with lifestyle and design.

ökoRAUSCH Blog – groegl upcycling
MÖPPI- Earrings made out of bicycle valves and wood / Monster stands made out of rubber

Upcycling Workshops

The workshop series put on by Gregor Halberstadt is aimed at getting children and teenagers interested in working with left-over material, to be creative and make new products out of them. Hereby, he not only encourages creativity and craftsmanship, the workshop participants are also actively dealing with serious topics such as the conservation of materials and waste prevention. And new products are created under professional guidance by refurbishing and combining different left-over material.

ökoRAUSCH Blog – groegl upcycling
Upcycling Workshops for children and teenagers with Gregor from Groegl Upcycling

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Gregor Halberstadt

Gregor Halberstadt

Gregor Halberstadt is a product designer and upcycler. Under his label GROEGL UPCYCLING he designs and builds brand new, upcycled products using left-over material that becomes useful again in a whole new context.

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