ökoRAUSCH Festival for Design & Sustainability 28.08.–24.09.2020 at the MAKK

iphiGenia Gender Design Award

ökoRAUSCH Festival 2020 | Kick-off

iphiGenia Gender Design Award / iGDN
(international Gender Design Network e.V.)

With the iphiGenia Gender Design Award, the International Gender Design Network e.V. (iGDN) presents awards to the best gender-sensitive companies, initiatives and products every year. The network aims to establish gender awareness as a fixed standard in the industry. The iGDN is involved in workshops, symposiums and presentations on clever design that is free of stereotypes, campaigning against gender blindness.

Ina von Rumohr is a board member of the Cologne-based iGDN. The freelance designer explained in an interview how gender awareness ensures sustainability, what kind of innovative power can be developed in design and how it can help change the world.

We are very excited to present the iphiGenia Gender Design Award at the ökoRAUSCH Festival 2020 in our exhibition at the MAKK!

If you are itching to find out more about iGDN’s work, then check out this/these link(s):

iphi-award.org (currently open for submissions!)


Kim Huber

Kim ist konzeptionelle Kommunikationsdesignerin. Sie studierte „Nachhaltiges Design“ an der ecosign Akademie für Gestaltung und arbeitete am Wuppertal Institut an der Übersetzung von wissenschaftlichen Inhalten in visuelle Kommunikation.

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