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ökoRAUSCH Blog – Aquarium Campagne


International art project presented by the Aquarium Compagnie 2016

Artist Association: Aquarium Compagnie
President: Brigitte Kohl
Area: Networking
Founded: 2010
Location: Firminy, Frankreich
Website: aquariumcompagnie.blogspot.com mapping-­aquarium.blogspot.com

Places and Views

Annegret Heinl’s project idea “Where do we live?” was developed and elaborated together with Brigitte Kohl as an Aquarium Compagnie project.

In 2015, the Aquarium Compagnie invited artists from different countries and continents to take part in the art project MAPPING. The participants’ results were published on the internet platform aquariumcompagnie.blogspot.com in June 2016, here they can be seen in a virtual showroom. Altogether, 36 artists from 10 different countries accepted Aquarium Compagnie’s invitation.

36 artists/10 countries

ökoRAUSCH Blog – Aquarium Campagne

Germany: Renate Christin, Annegret Heinl, hans w. koch, Isabel Oestreich, Eva Wal, Gisela Weimann; England: Diana Bell, Belinda Ellis, Helen Ganly, Patrick Jeffs, Betsy Tyler-­Bell; France: Jean-­Philippe Astolfi, Isabelle Faccini, Anne Guerrant, Brigitte Kohl, MADE, Sarah Monnier, Yves Perret, Claudine Remy, Évelyne Rogniat, Charlie Skubich; Morocco: Anas Bouanani; Netherlands: Jacqueline Kooter, van Breest Smallenburg; Poland: Marcin Ryczek; Rumänien: Emil Dobriban, Gyongyi Karoly-­Zold, Andor Komives, Eniko Lini, Lucian Muntean, Ioana Olahut; Spain: Jaume Amigo, Angiola Bonanni, Oriol Texidor; Taiwan: Chao-­ Ming Tung; Hungary: Sandor Aron Karoly

ökoRAUSCH Blog – Aquarium Campagne


The starting point and foundation of this project is the places where artists live and work. Their work reflects the special relationship they have with their own living environment. Aquarium Compagnie has collected the different perspectives in an illustrated atlas to visually reflect and depict the artist network in its geographical, artistic and cultural contexts.

On the one hand, the subtitle Locations and perspectives: Where do we live? refers to the location of the participating artist. On the other hand, it refers to the variety and diversity of the different standpoints and perspectives on an international scale. MAPPING was conceptualised as an open-ended project wiht room to grow and develop in the future.

ökoRAUSCH Blog – Aquarium Campagne
Isabel Oestreich: wo ich lebe -­‐ HIER
ökoRAUSCH Blog – Aquarium Campagne
Brigitte Kohl: Voyage en Corbusie
Angiola Bonanni: A Roman expatriate in Madrid
ökoRAUSCH Blog – Aquarium Campagne
Marcin Ryczek: Simple world

The artist association Aquarium Compagnie was founded in 2010 and emerged from the artist’s network Art in Situ. It is based in Firminy, France, however it’s orientation and activities are not tied to one location, but are rather nomadic in nature. From its base in Firminy, the Aquarium Compagnie initiates international art projects that address interdisciplinary, intercultural and social issues in an experimental manner, including art exhibits, residences, workshops etc. The encounters and exchanges between the artists can be ensured in the long run thanks to the internet.

ökoRAUSCH Blog – Aquarium Campagne
MADE: Surécrire le paysage
ökoRAUSCH Blog – Aquarium Campagne
Annegret Heinl: Roundabout

29. September 2016

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Annegret Heinl

Annegret Heinl

Annegret Heinl is an idea and concept designer. Her location-specific work refers to particular environments and situations. It creates interdisciplinary contexts and interactive situations of visual and auditory perception. Her cooperation with other artists has created a broad platform in collaborative, international projects.

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