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As the only German design festival that concentrates solely on the topic of sustainability, the ökoRAUSCH Festival from 12 – 21 May will be presenting sustainable ideas and innovative design approaches of the highest standard at what is easily the most renowned location for design in Cologne, the decorative arts museum, Museum of Applied Arts Cologne (MAKK). Our international exhibition and diverse festival programme invites you to approach creativity with sustainability and to turn knowledge into action!

More and more creative thinkers are discovering their social and ecological responsibility. And the ökoRAUSCH design and sustainability think tank supports these people in their efforts to positively influence society, culture, educational systems and the economy.

We are advancing sustainable design and, using creative means, we aim to anchor sustainablity in society. This endeavour is supported by the ökoRAUSCH think tank’s broad, multi-disciplinary concept of design that shares fluid boundaries with art. We foster awareness for social and ecological change and invite you to become creative yourself – what do you say, will you be there in May?

We look forward to seeing you there!


ökoRAUSCH Blog – Sustainable Design made in NRW


North Rhine-Westphalia is home to many small design labels and creative thinkers that have dedicated themselves to sustainability. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the state of NRW, on 2 November 2016, we began a feature that will make this diversity more visible and to present designers and projects – all of which call the creative state their home – that work on an exclusively sustainable basis.

Eco Design Forum


Focus of interest of the ECO DESIGN FORUM (EDF) international are the stories of designers all over the world who explore green ideas and develop sustainable products. Designers, artists, creative thinkers and cultural protagonists are meeting up with sustainability experts to exchange thoughts and to learn from each other.

ökoRAUSCH Blog – Profiles


The presented designers and artists are distinguished by their quality and originality. The focus here is on the heads and the philosophy behind the products and works: What distinguishes designers who are committed to sustainability? What motivates them especially? Stay inspired!

Last articles

MehrWert NRW

Design students at the University of Wuppertal and the Folkwang University of the Arts are participating in the contest “Lebensmittel sind mehr wert”, or “Food is valuable” and are designing sustainable media and product solutions. The project was initiated by the Consumer Direct of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Category: Ecological Product and Service Design, Shaping Society, Sustainable design made in NRW / Keyword: , , , , , / 27. December 2016

Change by Design (or by Disaster)

Ursula Tischner asks the provocative question: Change by design or by disaster? and talks about designers’ opportunities and responsibility with regards to the environment and society.

Category: Shaping Society, Sustainable design made in NRW / Keyword: , , , / 23. December 2016

Recycling Design Prize

The Recycling Design Prize is an open contest that has been organised by the Arbeitskreis RecyclingBörse since 2006/2007. The contest deals with the issues of resource conservation and recycling by way of redesign.

Category: Ecological Product and Service Design, Profiles Design & Art, Sustainable design made in NRW / Keyword: , , , , , , / 22. December 2016

Norbert Krause

Norbert Krause develops concepts that promote social development. New perspectives, lively exchanges and fun are the main focus.

Category: Shaping Society, Sustainable design made in NRW / Keyword: , , , , / 20. December 2016


The Düsseldorf-based design label germanmade. primarily uses high-quality, natural material such as tanned leather, wool felt and wood.

Category: Ecological Product and Service Design, Profiles Design & Art, Sustainable design made in NRW / Keyword: , , , , , , / 19. December 2016

Trinkhallen Schickeria

Lena Schröder is a fashion designer and the founder of the slow fashion label ‘Trinkhallen Schickeria’. She has been putting on the Cologne design market ‘Der Super Markt’ for eight years already and started running the Cologne store ‘Kleiderei’ in May 2016.

Category: Ecological Product and Service Design, Profiles Design & Art, Sustainable design made in NRW / Keyword: , , , / 17. December 2016