ökoRAUSCH Festival für Design & Nachhaltigkeit vom 28.08.–24.09.2020 im MAKK
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Our Partners

We are very grateful for the inspiring support from promoters and cooperation partners that have significantly contributed to our success since the first ökoRAUSCH Design and Sustainability Fair in 2008.

Which brings us directly to the new cooperation partners that have joined us in the summer of 2016.

And of course we are always open to interesting ideas and look forward to hearing from you!

We are also thankful for the great deal of inspiring cooperation and support that we have had since it all began back in 2008 with the ökoRAUSCH design and sustainability fair. Here I would like to continue by mentioning how successful our last season was. What is new is that starting now, we will be using this platform to publish more comprehensive information about our partnerships, which should benefit everyone.

Festival Parnters

Are you interested in becoming an ökoRAUSCH festival partner? Just send us an email: kontakt@oekorausch.de


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