ökoRAUSCH Festival for Design & Sustainability 28.08.–24.09.2020 at the MAKK

Getting to know Raute Film

ökoRAUSCH Partner Feature | Raute Film

Sustainable Films for Good Ideas 

We love filmmaking because, in the beginning, anything seems possible: ideas, desires and dreams know no bounds. But how do you make a tangible film out of an abstract idea? For us, it is essential to connect creativity with the craft. We see which possibilities an idea offers and which means and resources are available. A good idea on its own cannot make a film if it isn’t properly implemented, just as a technically brilliant film is worthless without a message. We see finding a good balance between these two aspects as a constant challenge.

What is sustainable film production?

Nature is the foundation of all of our lives. For our work, it is an important source of inspiration and regeneration, which is why we organise our work to be as sustainable as possible in order to protect nature and our environment. This means planning our projects as efficiently as possible and organising the production to be ecological and social. We use green energy in our office, an ethical bank and eco-friendly web hosting. Our content mostly focuses on topics related to sustainability. We see ourselves first and foremost as a service provider for companies and organisations. We produce image films, video portraits, documentaries and social media campaigns. But we also develop our own projects. Here is a list of a few of them.

Degrowth Conference in Leipzig

In September of 2014, the 4th International Degrowth Conference took place in Leipzig. Over a five day period, at the university and in places throughout the city people discussed, presented and lived by example what an ecologically and socially equitable society could look like in practice. At the time, we mainly documented the main conference events. Working on this issue greatly inspired us, influencing how we work up to today.

Here is the website for the Degrowth Conference.

The 17 sustainability goals for Cologne

A current project was the filming of 18 video clips about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with the Allerweltshaus Köln e.V. and the Bündnis Kommunale Nachhaltigkeit Köln (Cologne Alliance for Communal Sustainability). This project presented what the SDGs are to begin with, and what they have to do with Cologne. Together with bureau gruen., it was our job to present the SDGs, the 17 global sustainability goals of the United Nations, in social media friendly video clips. The focus of the videos were three people who live in Cologne. Ivy, Jana and Luca presented the sustainability goals for the videos.

ökoRAUSCH and Raute Film

We were also at the ökoRAUSCH Festival 2017 to make three videos about the Festival for our project “transformathek”.

Clear and focussed. Always in motion.

So films can be more than just pure entertainment. They can both entertain and inform. They can change points of view and show viewers new perspectives. Most of all, they can move people, inspire them and motivate them to do new things. That is our aspiration in filmmaking. If you would like to see more, come check us out.

24. April 2020

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Raute Film

Raute Film sind Carolin und Marc Menningmann. Seit 2010 gestalten sie gemeinsam Filme. 2018 sind sie von Köln nach Ostwestfalen an den schönen Teutoburger Wald gezogen, von wo aus sie deutschlandweit Projekte realisieren.

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