Recycling Design Prize


Name: RecyclingBörse / Arbeitskreis RecyclingBörse (English: Recycling Exchange/ Working group Recycling Exchange)
Project: RecyclingDesignpreis (Recycling Design Prize)
Field: Upcycling, redesign
Focus: Design contest
Founded: 2006
Location: Herford, Germany



Short Introduction

The Recycling Design Prize, a biyearly public contest, was awarded for the first time in 2006/2007. It is the only national prize that deals with resource conservation and recycling by way of redesign. Creative thinkers and designers of all ages and professional levels are invited to take part in the contest, which 500 to 600 European designers participate in.

Orientation and Attitude

The rule that applies here is simple: Discover the “hidden meaning of waste”. Left-over and waste material must be used to make new products. The spectrum of popular developments span from decorations and furniture to clothes, textiles and accessories. A top-class jury judges the developments, names the prize winners and other chosen objects. The exhibitions are put up at Marta Herford, an international museum of modern art with a special focus on architecture and design. Other exhibition partners have been stilwerk Designcenter and the Museum of Things (Berlin), among others.

Outsiders, Kuscheltiere
Outsiders, stuffed animals
First place winner of the 5th Recycling Design Prize, "Outsiders" stuffed animals by Lea Gerber and Samuel Coendet.
Brixen, DIY – KIT
Brixen, DIY – KIT – Chair made out of old paper by Peter Mahlknecht, a designer from the 6th Recycling Design Prize.
Exhibition of the objects nominated for the Recycling Design Prize at Marta Herford.

Ministerium NRW






The RecyclingBörse was founded in 1984 in Herford as a special-purpose enterprise of the Arbeitskreis Recycling Association. Its focus: Resource conservation through waste prevention and reuse. Along with the development of innovative ideas for reusing, recycling and employment, they have also been focusing on the dialogue between art and culture. They also put on cultural activities.

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