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ONYA Collective

The Onya Collective is group of architects, activists, community leaders, and volunteers who utilize community organizing principals to design public spaces that serve the needs of all of the residents of the area. We met them during our ECO DESIGN FORUM in Tel Aviv.

Category: ECO DESIGN FORUM, Shaping Society, Social Design & Arts / Keyword: , , , , , / 3. February 2017

Social Urban Design

Nicolas Beucker teaches design at the Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences and pursues the issue of shaping the city as a habitat for society. Here he presents the content of his field of Social Urban Design.

Category: Shaping Society, Social Design & Arts, Sustainable design made in NRW / Keyword: , , , , , , , , / 29. December 2016

Norbert Krause

Norbert Krause develops concepts that promote social development. New perspectives, lively exchanges and fun are the main focus.

Category: Shaping Society, Sustainable design made in NRW / Keyword: , , , , / 20. December 2016

ökoRAUSCH Blog – Trash up

Trash Up! Festival in Dortmund

The Trash Up! Festival celebrated its premiere at Dortmunder Depot on 12th and 13th of November 2016 – we took part as cooperation partner.

Category: Sustainable design made in NRW / Keyword: , , , , , , , , , / 24. November 2016

ökoRAUSCH Blog – Urban Agriculture

From cities to farms

Sabrina Großkopp is an industrial designer. In her master thesis she is working on transdisciplinary scenarios where cities produce enough food for their inhabitants.

Category: Ecological Product and Service Design, Profiles Design & Art, Sustainable design made in NRW / Keyword: , , , / 13. November 2016