Thomas Baumgärtel

ökoRAUSCH Festival 2020 | Kick-off

Thomas Baumgärtel – the Banana Sprayer

The Cologne-based artist Thomas Baumgärtel made a name for himself in the art world with the pseudonym “The banana sprayer” by linking many of the best locations for art worldwide since 1986 – with the spray banana. As the unofficial logo of the art scene, his banana adorns around 4,000 art museums, galleries, art societies and alternative locations from Cologne to New York, Basel, Berlin, London, Moscow, Vienne and more. But that’s not enough: the pallet of his artistic creations range from paintings, sketches, print and photo collages to subversive spraying, performances and happenings. With his work, the free artist, who also holds a degree in psychology, deals with different societal issues in a critical and at times provocative way. In an interview he explained how he relates to sustainability issues, where sustainability and art meet, and what sustainability means for him.

We look forward to presenting Thomas Baumgärtel as an exhibitionist at the ökoRAUSCH Festival 2020!

If you would like to see some of his work beforehand, then check out these links:

31. January 2020

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