We Are Strong

ökoRAUSCH Festival 2020 | Kick-off

„We are strong“

The pupils at the elementary school “Schule IM Süden” in Meschenich, Cologne know what they want. At the beginning of January they wrote a letter to their local representatives and explained what kind of shape the playgrounds in the neighborhood of Kölnberg were in and asked for help. Their biggest wish was to have a skate park. Students at the ecosign Academy of Design worked with the pupils on a two-day interdisciplinary cooperative project. The kids became the designers of their own cause and actively worked on the implementation of their great idea. The project was cooperation between the Caritas, youth welfare, the local representation and property management with the school and ecosign.

We are excited to be able to present this wonderful project in our exhibition at the ökoRAUSCH Festival 2020!

27. December 2019

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Kim Huber

Kim ist konzeptionelle Kommunikationsdesignerin. Sie studierte „Nachhaltiges Design“ an der ecosign Akademie für Gestaltung und arbeitete am Wuppertal Institut an der Übersetzung von wissenschaftlichen Inhalten in visuelle Kommunikation.

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