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ECO DESIGN FORUM international
Israel and Palestine

Focus of interest of the ECO DESIGN FORUM (EDF) international are the stories of designers all over the world who explore green ideas and develop sustainable products. The kick-off event of this new workshop and networking sequence is our journey to Israel and Palestine!

We invite you to join us from 25th to 29th October 2016 to Tel Aviv/Israel as well as Bethlehem, Auja/Palestine. The first workshop will take place on October 25th/26th 2016 in Tel Aviv, the second on October 28th/29th in the Auja Ecocenter near Jericho.

This sounds exciting and you would like to take part in the workshops in Israel and Palestine? We will be glad to welcome you, participation is free! The only costs the participants must cover are the travel expenses. In the following you will find our preliminarily programme, our application form and further information. If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to answer them. You can reach us by writing an e-mail to or by phone at +49 221 579 60 76. We look forward to hearing from you!

With the EDF international we are concentrating on the relevance of design and art in an economic and social contexts. Workshops, networking events and field trips are going to shine a light on the sustainability scenes of design and art in Israel, Palestine and Germany. Additionally we are welcoming guests from our twin towns Istanbul/Turkey and Barcelona/Spain.

Designers, artists, creative thinkers and cultural protagonists are meeting up with sustainability experts to exchange thoughts about the relevance of design and art in the fields of economy and society and to learn from each other.

The workshops – on the one hand – will be focusing on how sustainability can grow into a unique selling proposition within the creative industries. On the other hand, we want to take a closer look at how more and more designers are recognising their social and ecological responsibility and have started dedicating themselves to sustainability. We actively want to support designers, artists and other creative people in their efforts to positively influence society, educational systems, culture and the economy.

Therefore we are planning two workshop blocks, two days each, in Tel Aviv as well as Auja, combined with field trips in Tel Aviv and Bethlehem and other exciting locations of local creativity and sustainability.

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We are organising the EDF Israel and Palestine as a cooperation partner of the City of Cologne at the Cologne twin towns Bethlehem und Tel Aviv. This project is sponsored by Engagement Global throught funds of the federal Land of North Rhine-Westphalia.

eco design forum – Partner engagement global
Ministery NRW
Heinrich Boell Stiftung Israel


eco design Forum – Adital Ela

Adital Ela

Adital is a sustainability designer and entrepreneur incorporating indigenous knowledge into sustainable design. She dedicates her professional life to develop designs that can enable the realization of new and inviting life habits that can thoroughly reform the encounter between man, object and environment.

Founder and CEO of CRIATERRA, Sustainability design lecturer at the social-environmental design study program at the Faculty of Design at HIT, a TEDfellow .

eco design forum – Partner Feldstärken Christof Schreckenberg

Christof Schreckenberg

Studied economy and worked as cultural manager, producer, tour manager, agent, consultant and mentor for institutions, NGOs and a rooster of talented artists, ensembles and projects in dance, theatre, music and carnival arts until 2009. This included intercultural projects in North Rhine-Westphalia and internationally (mainly UK, EU).
From 2010 to 2012 he was project leader for North Rhine-Westphalia at the Federal Government’s Center of Excellence for the Cultural and Creative Industries. Until 2013 he continued his work as project leader of the EU Interreg IV-A Project "Creative Drive" in Aachen.
Afterwards he started his own company, CREATIVE TIDE, and enhanced his qualifications with further training as Systemic Personal & Business Coach at the Coaching Academy Berlin (certified by the European Coaching Association – ECA).
Since October 2014 he has been lecturer for "Entrepreneurship" at the University Rhine-Waal for Applied Sciences (teaching design and environmental engineering students). Christof Schreckenberg also teaches "Cultural and Creative Industries" at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and Euro-FH in Hamburg (since 2016). His focus: Authentic, sustainable business development and entrepreneurship.

Field Intensity - Corporation for Supporting Creative Branches ltd.

Daphna Yalon

Daphna Yalon, Earth-based Artist, adopted this name during her study and stay in Australia 2004-2007 when she researched the relationships between House as Home and Land as Home. Since then she has been creating, researching and teaching earth as matter and as the essence of life. Involving the community in processes is an integral part of her practice.

Daphna is the founder and leader of “Adamahi” Center for earth building, sculpting and design. The center was established in 2016 at the Clal building as part of the “Mirpeset” which is the home base of Muslala art collective The “Mirpeset” (“Terrace”) project combines art, culture, community activities and sustainable thinking.

Adamhi is a place for experimentation, learning and research regarding earth and its various uses - like sculpting and decoration or renovation and construction. Adamahi’s aim is to reintroducing Earth, as substance and essence of life, to the broad discussion that’s taking place today of the connections and interaction between people, nature, city and environment. The center is located on the fifth floor of the building as a central element of the “Terrace” Project. Daphna is a member of the Muslala group, lecturer at the David Yellin academic college for teachers and is currently the curator of the Social Art Gallery as part of the institute of education for sustainability.

ökoRAUSCH team – Dunja Karabaic

Dunja Karabaic

With a degree in visual communication from the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg under her belt, and keeping her awareness for environmental issues in mind, Dunja Karabaic founded the “bureau gruen”, or “the green office” in 2008. She has been active in the sustainability scene since her recycling design label “RCYCLIA” hit the market in 2003. Her visit to the “ecodesignfair” in London in 2007 inspired her to bring this type of event to Germany. And with that, in the autumn of 2008, the ökoRAUSCH Fair for Design and Awareness celebrated its premier.

Since then, Dunja has been coordinating all of the ökoRAUSCH activities. She is proud that, since 2012, the ökoRAUSCH has been attracting an ever growing audience in its festival form and that it has become a nation-wide brand. With the new kick-off in 2016, many exciting challenges await the ökoRAUSCH team, such as the internationalisation of the festival and the establishment of the ökoRAUSCH blog.

Together with Nika Rams, Dunja also coordinates the “labor gruen.”, or “green laboratory.” where she devotes herself to environmental and sustainability communications. They successfully realised the innovative pilot project “Das gute Leben im Veedel”, or “The Good Life in your Neighbourhood”. The project thematises sustainable urban development and sustainability through neighbourhood. The project is promoted by the most renowned environmental foundation, the German Federal Environmental Foundation.

Photo: VeithKlub Fotografie

ökoRAUSCH Team – Isabel Oestreich

Isabel Oestreich

visual artist, born in Lima and raised in Freetown, Lisbon, Geneva and Bonn. After her training as a carpenter, many long-distance trips and a two-year architecture programme, she began studying liberal arts at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences. She is a member of the German Federal Association of Visual Artists, the fine artists network KEK and the European network “Aquarium Compagnie”, or the “Aquarium Company”. Isabel lives and works in Cologne as a freelance artist. The focus of her work encompasses installations, land art, photography and performance, and she is interested in projects that have a strong connection with certain locations, spaces and experiences, often in interaction with nature. She has dedicated herself to sustainability in the experimental field of visual art and in her role as an ökoRAUSCH team member, she curates the art exhibits.

She is open to new ideas and sees the artistic process as an opportunity to open oneself up to new perspectives, which is a philosophy that she lives in her participation in exhibits in Germany and abroad, in artistic exchanges with different groups of artists, and in integrative artistic projects in social and cultural contexts.

eco design Forum – Laura Henn

Laura Henn

Laura Henn is a psychologist and is currently getting her PhD at the Otto-von-Gericke University in Magdeburg, Germany. She studied in Freiburg (Germany) and Gothenburg (Sweden). Since 2011 she has devoted herself to environmental psychology. She is an active member of the Network for Psychology in Conservation (IPU e.V.) in Germany and is primarily interested in the individual motivation for a sustainable consumption level, also known as sufficiency. Besides intellectual discussions at conferences about science, degrowth and sufficiency, she especially enjoys practical local commitment for sustainability such as demonstrations, urban gardening or creative action in public space.

eco design forum – Maria Paz Montecinos

Maria Paz Montecinos

Maria Paz is an art director and cultural manager born in Santiago de Chile, in her youth she did her studies in Barcelona, Spain, where she presently resides.

With wide experience in projects in development cooperation she has worked with projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, for the World Summit on Sustainable Development - United Nations, Unicef, UNDP, IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) amongst others.

She has participated in diverse art projects and projects dealing with environmental sustainability, such as Drap Art in Barcelona, Arte Cien in Latin America and Re:NEW Festival in Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

Working with research and creative projects that are focused on the observation and reflection of the territory from a landscape perspective together with the historical and social contexts to create an artistic exchange of artists in different parts of the world.

The main focus of her work covers culture as a tool for intervention and social transformation, working on artistic projects that are accessible to all, for example public spaces or bringing projects to extreme geographical zones where access to culture is reduced.


eco design Forum – Malek Abualfailat

Malek Abualfailat

Malek Abualfailat is a Project Manager at EcoPeace ME based in Bethlehem and reside in Hebron.

Malek has been at EcoPeace for the past 6 years, first as the Palestinian manager of the project Protecting Ground Water (PGW), which aimed to improve and enhance the institutional capacity to rehabilitate and protect trans-boundary ground water in six districts across the West Bank.
In his second period of EcoPeace ME he managed Auja Environmental Education Center. The Center aims to increase the awareness of trans-boundary water issues, renewable energy needs, alleviation of pollution, adaptation to climate change, and sustainable agriculture in the area, in addition to promote eco-tourism.

Recently, Malek become the Good Water Neighbors Project Manager. This project is considered to be the umbrella for all EcoPeace projects.

EcoPeace ME

eco design forum – Pınar Öncel and Tuna Özçuhadar

Pınar Öncel und Tuna Özçuhadar

Pınar is a designer, a change agent and creative facilitator. She focuses on developing collaborative projects for local initiatives, companies and any organization pursuing resilience and transformation. She designs and facilitates sustainability trainings, co-design processes and capacity building workshops for multi stakeholder groups.

She co-initiated the Sustainable Living Film Festival and to raise awareness about sustainability challenges of our time and inspire individuals to become change makers. She is the CEO of Sarıyer Entrepreneur Women Cooperative; which supports women in the region with various projects. Pınar graduated from Industrial Design Department of Middle East Technical University and holds an Msc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Tuna is a systems designer and a strategist for sustainability, focusing on how systemic thinking perspective could shape design & innovation for a better life on this planet. Being aware that creativity is crucial for change, he is focusing on creative design and innovation projects with a systemic approach; using design and creativity as leverage for sustainability.

He co-initiated Sustainable Living Film Festival in 2008 and (a web portal for documentaries) recently to raise awareness about the complex systems behind global problems and to find out creative local solutions from all around the world.

Tuna graduated as an industrial designer from Middle East Technical University. He holds an MSc in Environmental Control and Building Technology from Istanbul Technical University and another MSc in Strategic Sustainability Leadership from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.

ökoRAUSCH Team – Tatjana Krischik

Tatjana Krischik

In her work as a freelance designer, Tatjana Krischik combines design, sustainability and education. Her projects focus on global and intercultural aspects of sustainable design.

In 2015, Tatjana organised the HERITAGE HEROS exhibit for the German Commission for UNESCO, which was shown during the 2015 UNESCO World Heritage Committee session in Bonn, Germany. The exhibit portrayed individuals from around the globe who have committed themselves to protecting world heritage sites.

As a product designer, Tatjana has worked in Fair Trade workshops in Nepal and Cameroon and as a global learning educator she combines design and educational projects. She conceptualised and implemented the CYC LOOP workshops on upcycling and fair trade design that combined these two concepts with global learning. The workshops were developed for students and educators alike.

Tatjana is a member of the board of directors of the organisation Stadt Land Welt e.V. and an ökoRAUSCH cooperative partner who contributes her expertise in combining design with educational projects on sustainability, be it in exhibits, diverse programmes or maintaining our international contacts.